Genevive Zacconi (lily_fina) wrote,
Genevive Zacconi

New works at Copro Gallery

I have several new paintings over at Copro Gallery this month. The show hangs from June 14th – July 5th, I hope those in the Los Angeles are can stop by! Check out for more info.

“Departed”- Oil on panel, 20 x 30”.
genevive zacconi

“Thurisaz Merkstave”- oil, acrylic and ink on panel, 6.5 x 15”.
genevive zacconi

“A New Direction”- Oil, acrylic & graphite on board, 5 x 7”.
genevive zacconi

“Diversion”- Oil and acrylic on board, 18 x 24”
genevive zacconi

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